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Egg Board – Blank – Perfect for Personalising


Only 2 left in stock

Egg Board – Blank – Perfect for Personalising

Approx sizes are 180×240 mm

Food safe.
Do not microwave
Do not soak
Hand-wash only

Can be treated with food safe oil to keep in best condition

Only 2 left in stock



Egg Board – Blank – Perfect for Personalising

High-Quality Wooden Blanks: Perfect for Personalising, Gifting, or Resale

Egg Board

Are you in search of the perfect canvas for your creative projects?

Look no further! Our collection of high-quality wooden blanks offers endless possibilities for personalisation, making them ideal for gifting, resale, or unleashing your artistic talents. Crafted with care and precision, these wooden blanks are sourced from our personal stock, where we’ve accumulated extras to ensure you always have ample supply for your crafting needs.

Egg Board

*Versatile Personalisation Options**

One of the key features of our wooden blanks is their versatility when it comes to personalisation.

Whether you’re into engraving, CNC routing, vinyl applications, or any other crafting technique, these blanks provide the perfect foundation for your creative endeavours.

Engraving enthusiasts will appreciate the smooth, uniform surface of our wooden blanks, which allows for intricate designs and crisp detailing. CNC routing aficionados can unleash their imagination, carving out elaborate patterns and shapes with ease. Meanwhile, those partial to vinyl applications will find that our wooden blanks provide a durable and attractive base for their designs, ensuring that their creations stand the test of time.

**Quick Dispatch and Shipping**

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to your crafting projects. That’s why we strive to dispatch all orders from our stock within 48 hours of purchase. Whether you’re working on a last-minute gift or fulfilling customer orders for your resale business, you can rely on us to deliver your wooden blanks promptly and efficiently.

**Additional Postage for Multiple Buys**

Please note that while we aim to keep our postage costs as low as possible, some multiple buys may require additional postage due to weight or size considerations. We want to ensure that your order reaches you in perfect condition, so we may need to adjust the postage accordingly for larger or heavier shipments.

Rest assured, we’ll always communicate any additional postage charges upfront, so there are no surprises when it comes time to checkout.

**Endless Creativity Awaits**

With our high-quality wooden blanks, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you’re crafting personalised gifts for loved ones, stocking your online store with unique handmade products, or simply indulging in a hobby that brings you joy, our wooden blanks are the perfect choice for your next project. Join the countless crafters, artisans, and entrepreneurs who have discovered the endless possibilities of our wooden blanks, and let your creativity soar!

**In Conclusion**

In summary, our collection of wooden blanks offers the perfect combination of quality, versatility, and convenience.

From engraving to CNC routing to vinyl applications, these blanks are ready to be transformed into works of art that will delight recipients, customers, and crafters alike.

With quick dispatch times and transparent shipping policies, ordering from us is a hassle-free experience from start to finish. So why wait? Unlock your creative potential with our wooden blanks today!

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