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Leavers Signing Shirt: Perfect for the Last Day of School


Leavers Signing Shirt

We are offering the leavers shirts again this year.

Hugely popular!

We use Asda George range of shirts in both boy and girl cuts.

We also accept bring your own and we are located in Rochester.

Select colour threads and shirt cut and sizes in the drop down boxes.

Please also list in the personalisation box

A. School name
B. Childs name (cursive or basic fonts)
C. Dates needed


Please select your chosen thread colour

For the name only please choose font style

Please list
1. school name
2. name of child
3. dates required
4. add a during the pandemic tag line – yes or no


Leavers Signing Shirt

Hey there! Have you ever heard of a special shirt that you can write on? It’s called a leavers signing shirt, and it’s super cool! It’s something you can wear on your last day of primary or secondary school, and all your friends can write their names and messages on it. It’s like a big, colourful yearbook that you can wear!

Let me tell you more about this awesome shirt. First off, you can pick the colour of the thread that goes all around it.

You know, like how your favourite T-shirt might have red stitching or blue stitching? Well, with this leavers signing shirt, you can choose whatever colour you like best! Maybe you’re into bright colours like yellow or orange, or maybe you prefer something more classic like black or white. It’s totally up to you!

Next, you get to put your name on the shirt. Yep, that’s right! Your very own name right there on the back. It’s like saying, “This is my shirt, and it’s special to me!” You can choose how you want your name to look too. Do you like fancy writing with lots of loops and swirls, or do you prefer big block letters that stand out? Either way, it’s going to look awesome!

Oh, and don’t forget about your school’s name! You can add that too. It’s like giving a shout-out to your school and saying, “I’m proud to be a student here!” Whether you go to Sunnyvale Primary or Oakwood Elementary, you can show off your school spirit right on your leavers signing shirt.

Now, here’s the best part – you can also add important dates! Like the first day of school when you met your new friends or the day you won that big sports game. You can even add the dates that you were at the school. Every date has a story, and now you can wear those stories right on your sleeve!

Imagine wearing your special leavers signing shirt on the last day of school. All your friends are there, and they’re all signing each other’s shirts with colourful markers. It’s like a big party where everyone gets to leave a little piece of themselves behind.

And when you look at your shirt later, you’ll see all those names and messages and remember all the fun times you had together.

But guess what? Your special shirt isn’t just for wearing on the last day of school. It’s something you can keep forever! Years from now, when you’re all grown up, you can take out your shirt and look at it. You’ll see the names of friends you haven’t seen in ages and remember all the good times you shared. It’s like a time capsule that helps you hold onto those special memories.

So, if you’re getting ready to say goodbye to primary or secondary school, why not get yourself a leavers signing shirt?

It’s a fun way to celebrate your school days and keep those memories alive forever. With your name, your school’s name, and all those important dates, it’s a shirt that’s as unique as you are. Get ready to make some memories – and some signatures – that you’ll cherish for years to come!

Due to having to order shirts in this contributes to the longer turnaround. Please note, there maybe times that your size isn’t in stock and where possible I will source from elsewhere.

Generic leavers hoodies and leavers books are available too.

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