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Tea For Two Mug Board


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Tea For Two Mug Board


Gift your loved ones the perfect gift for their tea loving souls with The Tea For Two Double mug board.
These wooden gift mugs feature 2 recesses for safe mug transportation.

This double mug board is the perfect gift for any tea/coffee/hot drink lovers- add your own creative touches and add your own witty tag lines and names.

Ideal gifts for wooden wedding anniversaries, wedding gifts, valentines day, gifts for parents or grandparents and new home.

In stock

Please list the wording and names required on the board


Tea For Two Mug Board

Presenting our exquisite “Tea For Two Mug Board,” a thoughtful and practical solution for tea enthusiasts who enjoy their brew in pairs. This unique mug board is specially designed with two perfect recesses, providing a secure and stylish way to carry two regular-sized mugs without the worry of slipping or spills. Crafted from robust heava wood, each board is meticulously engraved for a professional and personalised touch.

Gift for Him, Gift for Her, Gift for Couples – Personalised Elegance

Searching for the perfect gift for a special occasion? Look no further! The “Tea For Two Mug Board” is an ideal choice for those seeking a thoughtful and personalised present. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, wedding, or simply a gesture of appreciation, this beautifully crafted board is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Key Features:

1. Dual Mug Recesses: The precisely carved recesses securely hold two regular-sized mugs, ensuring a spill-free and convenient way to carry your favourite beverages.

2. Heava Wood Construction: Our mug board is crafted from high-quality heava wood, renowned for its durability and natural elegance. The sturdy material ensures a long-lasting and reliable product.

3. Professional Engraving: Each board is professionally engraved with precision, adding a touch of sophistication and a personalised feel. The engraving is designed to withstand daily use and washing, maintaining its charm for years to come.

4. Ample Treat Space: The board provides enough room for biscuits, cake, or treats, complementing your tea time with delightful accompaniments.

5. Customisable Tag Line: Personalise the tag line to suit your preference, whether it’s for coffee, hot chocolate, or completely custom wording. Make it uniquely yours!


Versatile Occasions:

Couple Gifts: Celebrate the love between two people with a gift that symbolizes shared moments over a warm cup of tea.

Wedding Gifts: Give the newlyweds a unique and practical present that adds a touch of charm to their home.

Birthday Surprises: Delight friends and family with a thoughtful, customised gift that reflects their love for tea and togetherness.

Christmas Cheer: Spread festive joy with a present that combines functionality with personalisation, making it a cherished addition to holiday celebrations.


Our “Tea For Two Mug Board” is more than just a practical accessory; it’s an experience crafted for shared moments. Elevate your gift-giving game with this unique and personalised item, perfect for any occasion. Make your loved ones feel special with a customised gift that stands out from the rest.

The dual mug recesses make it an excellent gift for couples, providing a charming way to enjoy their favourite hot beverages together. The heavy wood construction ensures durability, making this board a lasting and meaningful present. With professional engraving, each board becomes a unique and cherished item.

Whether you’re searching for a gift for him, a gift for her, or a personalised gift for a special couple, the “Tea For Two Mug Board” ticks all the boxes. Order now and make every tea time a delightful experience.

In conclusion, our mug board is not just a product; it’s a sentiment, a memory waiting to be created.

Embrace the art of shared tea moments with the “Tea For Two Mug Board” – because some moments are meant to be shared, and some gifts are meant to be remembered.

Order yours today and elevate the joy of tea for two!


We recommend these are a hand wash item only, do not soak, microwave or dishwasher them.


Treating them occasionally with some chopping board oil with keep them looking fresh.


We do a round mug board and a CNC small mug board and laser engraved mug board too.


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